IT-Solutions Scandinavia Ab is, as the name suggests, a solutions provider to its clients in the Scandinavian market. The business idea of the firm was to provide its customers in the Scandinavian market with a complete array of IT related solutions that have been sourced from all over the world. This is done after a careful selection of both partners and products that we offer in the Swedish market.

The decision whether or not to introduce a new statistical package into the saturated Swedish market, that is already dominated by names like SAS, SPSS, Statistica etc., was considered at length by our team. However, the powerful methodology, the utter simplicity and user-friendliness and lack of emphasis on the statistical prowess of the user have made us opt for this rather impressive product.

Much has been written about this product, and we will leave the description brief and allow the user to find the advantages of the product for himself.

DALSolution is very flexible and can be used for marketing, sociological, medical and educational research. Its prime strength is in its Analysis of Rules which helps in extracting trends from your data in the form of rules. One can then make these rules more accurate and complete by constant refining. The results thus achieved have the additional advantage of being very easy to interpret by decision makers who need not be statisticians to understand the results.

DALSolution can be used for handling survey data of many different kinds. It has a powerful chart presentation feature and can present both two dimensional and three dimensional charts.

It differs from traditional approaches like regression analysis and other statistical methods whose main goal is to find functions whereas in DALSolution the main goal is to find rules. The additional benefit of such an approach is that even non-numeric variables together with numeric ones can be analyzed by this method. One can also handle variables with multiple responses that are difficult to handle in other packages, and several variables have to be created to store such kind of data. The data is easy to export and import to databases like Excel, Access, FoxPro etc. and it facilitates creation and formatting of reports.

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