Central bank of Russian Federation Uses Epsylon’s Products

The Central bank of Russian Federation has decided to use Epsylon’s Taxxi SuperServer as an application server and Taxxi Communicator as a thin client software to build its intranet system for remote access to financial data. The system implements sophisticated technology providing traffic encryption and clients authentication to secure all stages of data transfer. besides, the application server is designed to send “passive” data (not containing executable codes) to clients, thus totally excluding the possibility of receiving harmful directives. The Taxxi Communicator client features OLAP technology and provides users with online information (tables, graphs, diagrams) specially formatted to simplify its analytical processing. This will make the financiers’ work more productive.

banking systems need perfect data security, so the fact that Russia’s main bank has chosen the Taxxi product line shows the latter’s ability to provide the highest level of data protection.

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